Grind. Brew. Sip. Mmmm. Enjoy our coffee, two styles.

Dark blend
dark chocolate · caramel · toasted nuts · smokey
Get cozy with the classic.

Light blend
hojicha · brown sugar · longan · woodsy
Sweet and mellow profile with tea-like body. Perfect with your afternoon desserts.

Product: 2x4oz whole-bean regenerative coffee

coffee trees and wild bananas under forest canopy

Regeneratively grown. But how, exactly?

The nitty-gritty details about what goes into your cup. Find out why Lactobacillus is not only good for your gut and yogurt but is also good for the soil. Take a peek into tropical food forests that yield more than delicious coffee.

Learn more

Coffee farmers grow and process high-quality agroforestry-grown beans.

Direct Profits to Coffee Farmers

We directly pay our partner farmers 3-4x Fairtrade price for their coffee and efforts to protect and improve the land.

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