one of founders backpacking in the North Cascade Washington

Our Story


Food lies at the intersection between our health, community, and environment. This fundamental part of our lives that connects us with friends and the Earth, as we soon learned, is being compromised by the current food system. It breaks our hearts to see forests cleared to make way for lifeless degraded farmlands, farmers who are sick due to pesticide exposures but still continue to work to provide the next meal for their families, and our health dependent on pills and powders because our food nutritional values have significantly declined.

Dive in

Amid doubts and fears, we took the plunge--a one-way ticket to Thailand. We planned to learn about food, farming, and the environment as much as we could. The journey turned out to be more colorful than we would have ever imagined. The twists and turns took us through many farms, rejections, and bumpy rides in unknown remote places, but eventually, we found those with the same dreams.


Desperation turns determination--a determination to build a food company that, together with its community, ushers the food system towards the new era where people and the planet are the top lines, not profits. was found and is fueled by that audacious determination. We hope you join us.

With love,
Por & Yui