Purveyor of unique, traceable, and sustainably grown rice.

Our unique rice varieties are developed by our partner farms in Northeastern Thailand, and they are part of our ongoing effort in direct collaboration with our farmers to preserve biodiversity and restore the land by transitioning conventional rice farming towards more diverse crop rotations, organic farming, and no burning.

Tested for pesticides & arsenic.

Unhealthy levels of pesticides and inorganic arsenic are common issues in rice. Even organic rice can still have arsenic problems. That’s why we lab-test our rice harvests in addition to farm visits. All of our rice has no pesticides. The lab results for inorganic arsenic are well below UN and EU guidelines for rice (There is currently no FDA recommendation yet). The link to the lab result is on each product page.

  • This rice is definitely aromatic in the best way possible. It smelled so good as it was cooking in the rice cooker, and came out nice and soft with great flavor and a delectable and slightly chewy texture. The color is a beautiful, dark purple as well.

    - Kevin X.

  • It is sweet and floral, and I ate about twice as much rice for dinner as usual. I actually just ate it plain. It doesn't need any additional flavorings, in my opinion, but it would also be good with any other dish.

    - Philippa S.

  • Incredible! Sweet and aromatic! I am not sure I can have regular rice again. It really was the star of the dish rather than an accompaniment.... So amazing!

    - Emma A.

De-commoditizing rice for better flavors and environment.

Rice in grocery stores is often bought from aggregators, where rice from many places is pooled together. This makes tracing the environmental and social impacts of each bag of rice impossible. bountifood.co handles all of our rice directly from farms to Seattle, WA, instead of buying from aggregators/exporters/importers/distributors. We then process and pack here in WA. The farms-to-bags supply chain allows us to collaborate directly with farmers, understand our impacts on the land, and pay fair prices right into farmers’ bank accounts.

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