Aromatic Purple Rice

No more rancid, bland rice with shady origin. Our rice is clean, sweet, and flavorful–the result of unique variety, how it is regeneratively grown in rotations with native plants, and a direct-from-farm supply chain.

  • I love the name of Midnight Diamond because it accurately describes the rice !! We cooked the rice in a rice cooker on normal settings for jasmine rice.  The rice cooked perfectly (just the right amount of stickiness and light).

    - Victor C.

  • It is sweet and floral, and I ate about twice as much rice for dinner as usual. I actually just ate it plain. It doesn't need any additional flavorings, in my opinion, but it would also be good with any other dish.

    - Philippa S.

  • Incredible! Sweet and aromatic! I am not sure I can have regular rice again. It really was the star of the dish rather than an accompaniment.... So amazing!

    - Emma A.

De-commoditizing rice for better flavors and environment.

Our Supply Chain

People and the environment matter to us. That’s why we cut out all the middlemen and directly integrate farms into our supply chain. We want to ensure that positive impacts do happen on the ground.