sweet floral · adzuki bean · grilled rice in bamboo

High-antioxidant whole-grain black rice that is soft with just the right amount of bite. A bonus when cooking this special variety bred by our partner farm is its lovely aroma that is ohh so nicee.

Product: 15oz regenerative black rice

diverse mix of native herbs and greens grown in our partner farm

Regeneratively grown. But how, exactly?

Our partner farmers grow so many different crops along with rice that we might need our feet and more to help count all of them! The biodiversity above and below ground created by their regenerative practices is crucial for healthy soil and its carbon sequestration ability.

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Farmers grow heirloom black rice that should have cost more than the current commodity price.

Living Wage for Rice Farmers

The farmgate price we pay to our partner farmers to have at least a livable income is more than 6x the current Fairtrade price.

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