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Classic Brown Rice

Classic Brown Rice

Medium-grain brown rice

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Typical brown rice is dry and makes you feel like you're eating cardboard. Our classic brown rice has the health benefits of whole grain while having a satisfying mouthfeel and texture, a little firm on the outside and tender on the inside. It also holds its shape when cooked.

Tasting notes: Subtly sweet, clean, succulent.

Variety: Rotating varieties with similar flavors and textures.

Origin: Yasothorn, Thailand

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Tested for pesticides & arsenic.

Our Classic Brown Rice has no pesticides. The lab result for inorganic arsenic is well below UN (200 ppb or 0.2 ppm) and EU (250 ppb or 0.25 ppm) guidelines for rice*. There is currently no FDA recommendation yet.

* Our lab result unit for inorganic arsenic is in ppb.